Yes, indeed, your eyes do not deceive you - what you see here is the new generation of fan-made adventure games. The teams of Codename Entertainment, Hero6, Infamous Adventures, Project Katrina and Solar Crescent Studios have formed together to make Silver Sphinx Studios. Yet we've got news for you. This is a secret development that has been in production for some time. So secret, in fact, that our completed project is finally ready to be unveiled before you today!

We are very pleased to present
Hero of Infamous Kingdoms: A fully tested game which includes a voice pack and professional midi music that will capture your hearts and imagination - Just as timeless as the original Quest for Glory series by the Coles.

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Game of the Week?
Posted on 02 Apr 2005 by Bromios - Comments (0)

We've been nominated for Game of the Week over at The Daily Click so wish us luck and if you have a minute, register and vote for us!

Welcome, one and all!
Posted on 31 Mar 2005 by Bromios - Comments (0)

Welcome to Silver Sphinx Studios, the greatest fan groups out there, to give you 5 times as much joy to adventures then they did in the past.

Please, make yourself at home. SSS is here to stay and we want you to enjoy our new game. Hero of Infamous Kingdoms

We hope you enjoy your stay.